Particle Demo

Chill out!


  • Relaxing
  • Looks good
  • Intuitive


  • Aimless
  • Short
  • No instructions or setup


Particle is a relaxing experimental game, where you control a particle that can merge with other colored particles. This is a developmental demo, which is playable, but the setup options are disabled and there are no instructions.

The game is mouse controlled, and feels very good - the particle you control has some inertia, and swims around the screen really smoothly. You have to interact with the various other particles on screen to make things happen. If that sounds aimless, it kind of is! However, it looks lovely when moving, and is accompanied by a series of relaxing ambient tracks.

This is an odd game as there's not really much to do, but it's all very relaxing and soothing to play. As there are no instructions, you have to work out what to do yourself which actually makes it more interesting (unless you get stuck!).

Particle is a relaxing little game, even if it amounts to little more than a proof of concept demo.



Particle Demo

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